The Importance Of Creating A Culture Of Safety For Your Business

Safety touches every employee throughout every organization, from the front office staff to planning and logistics, especially heavy equipment operators. Over the past two years, your business, like many others, has experienced new changes and challenges.

You have likely welcomed many new employees to your workforce, including additional training and onboarding measures. You’ve also likely had to bring in additional material to meet the demands of your customers, which created new material flows that employees may not be familiar with. You likely have inventory in locations that employees don’t expect them to be in. All of these things can cause variations in our operations.

Promoting awareness and ongoing education is one of the best ways to reduce forklift accidents and injuries. As businesses face high rates of turnover it is more important than ever to ensure your operation has safety and training procedures in place.

“The main message is that safety is a culture. To make safety a priority in companies, that message has to come from the top, and we have to live it ourselves, day in and day out. Forklift safety is not a one-time issue and that it is as important for pedestrians as it is for operators.”

Jonathan Dawley, President and CEO of KION North America, National Forklift Safety Day 2022 Chair

Keep Your Employees Alert with Linde Guardian

Imagine if you could see around corners and through walls. The Linde Guardian system assists all personnel involved in internal traffic. It provides automatic speed reductions and can be programmed to suit any hazardous scenario.

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Globally Trusted Automation, Now Available in North America

With automation solutions from Linde Material Handling, you can streamline your material flow for maximum efficiency. We have a range of solutions that offer a cost-effective, scalable way to make the leap into the world of automated logistics processes.

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Equipment Made with Safety in Mind

The Linde MH brand portfolio offers technologically advanced forklifts ranging from warehouse trucks to heavy trucks and caters to all major application areas. Linde MH forklifts are distinguished by their innovative industrial technology, ensuring customer confidence in the brand.

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